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We would love it if you wanted to join us on our trip to India by donating a few items for our girls. Check out the video above for details.


We want to take over these adorable little Asian rag dolls for our little girls we found at the Dollar Tree. We bought out all the local ones, so you can order them by case if these are what you want to donate. These have been covered, we don’t need anymore – please see more items below and the amazon wish list!


24pc puzzleFor the older girls we wanted to do Puzzles from Dollar General, some 24 piece and some 100 piece. The 24 piece comes in a case of 24 for $24 – We need 4 cases total. The 100 piece comes in a case of 36 for $36 – we need 1 case of these. On this one, please ship to the Copperfield store and we can go grab them and pick them up (Store #586 – 7083 Highway 6 N Houston, TX 77095-2505). Also let us know as soon as you order if you’ll let us know so I can reduce the amount needed on this site so we don’t have duplicates that would be great! Email us at  


Then we have the below items on an Amazon Wish list. This one will let us know when you order. Just have them shipped to Rescue Pink at 15511 Tuckerton Rd #305 Houston TX 77095. All of the items are listed as prime and we have the amounts listed so it should click down just like any gift registry


CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON WISH LIST (Ships free with Amazon Prime)




Scratch off world maps. We want to put one in each center – so we need 4 total. The girls have people visit them from all over because of the World Race, so we thought it would be fun to help teach them geography and also learn and scratch off where their visitors are from and trace it back to India.


Ziploc slider


In order to make the pencil bags, we need 3 of the 96 count boxes of the gallon size Ziploc SLIDER bags. The sliders work best for the pencil bags. Donated!



duck tape


Then we need about 34 more rolls of the decorative duct tape (the 10 yard rolls – 1.88 inches). The brighter and more decorative the better. No solids and no glitter or camouflage. No Disney or licensed characters or cartoon characters. The more little girly the better. The bright geometric shapes are the best choices! We are going to cover the ziplocs with duct tape to make pencil bags with the girls.


pencil toppers pencil sharperners pink pencils


There are boxes of pink pencils, pencil top erasers and sharpeners. We need 5 boxes of the pencils, 12 sets of the eraser tops, and 3 sets of the sharpeners. We want to make sure each girl’s pencil bag is full of the items they need for school.


If you don’t want to deal with purchasing and just want to give to go towards this, we can certainly do that. You can donate here and just put “India supplies” in the note. Total for all of this is around $700, so any amount you want to give will go towards that. Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of giving some cheer to our little ones in India!