Rescue Pink’s mission is to bring an end to female infanticide in India through rescue, prevention and awareness.


  • We will utilize a cradle project at local hospitals & at our main home where baby girls can be relinquished, “no questions asked.” We know that many Indian families are disposing of their girls out of desperation because they feel as if they have no other option. We will give them the option to release them into our care by giving them the opportunity to drop her off outside in a cradle for us to receive and care for her.
  • We have a great relationship with the local Indian Child & Family Ministries who often have women coming to the clinic who are being pressured by their families to get rid of the female child. Before Rescue Pink they had nowhere to send them, but now these women can come to our offices for counseling and alternative options.
  • Our home in India will receive these baby girls and care for them as our own. They will thrive in a loving and safe environment. They will enjoy “mothers” who will love, hold and feed them, and give them everything they need, in order to know they are treasured gifts.
  • We are working towards our goal of local and international adoption of these little girls. Although they are loved as our own in the group home, a much healthier option would be for these children to be placed in loving family units. Our desire is to see our homes with a constant influx of girls coming and leaving to adoptive homes in order to free us to rescue more


  • Many couples are pressured by the patriarchs of their families to eliminate their baby girls, and many see no way out because of their poverty and/or strict family loyalty. We will offer free counseling at our group home to work with these individuals to help them find alternatives to gendercide.
  • We are working towards being able to offer micro loans, along with business training to women and men in order to help them provide a self-sustainable future for their family. A healthy family with a self-sustainable income will free them up to be able to feed and support their girls. We are committed to helping build stronger communities through community development work with special emphasis on women and female children.
  • We employ advocates to work alongside families in rural villages in India, helping them receive the government-mandated support they are owed if they keep their girl. Most rural families do not know there is government support available to them, nor do they know how to receive it. Our advocates help provide supplemental nutrition to the mother’s who are expecting new babies, helping them stay healthy and nourished. Then when the time comes they work with the family in making sure they get the support that is available to them. We find that at times families want to keep their girl but see no way of being able to, because of the extreme financial strain they present. Our advocates walk alongside them, step by step, helping them see there are other options and help them get it.
  • We see building schools as a part of the future of Rescue Pink. We know that accessible education is key to combating poverty, gendercide, child marriage, trafficking, etc.


  • We use media, events and influence to help bring awareness to the long-term effects of female infanticide in India.
  • Many in India have become desensitized to these issues. They aren’t thinking long term about what this could mean for the future of their country. They are thinking short term and making decisions out of desperation and tradition. By utilizing awareness campaigns, our hope is to sensitize the culture. We utilize billboards, posters & marketing campaigns to help bring awareness to what a male dominant society looks like.
  • For example: what does an India with no wives look like? What did the future of a particular girl who was eliminated look like? How does her absence affect the society? Maybe you just eliminated the girl who would cure cancer? Or the girl who would invent the thing that would employ millions and give them great success?
  • Our hope is to change the next generation of Indians by generating awareness in public schools; that this generation would never see gendercide as an option.