There are over 60 million missing girls in India (they were either aborted before birth, killed once born, died of neglect just because they were girls, trafficked, or given away in child marriage). This stems from disregarding the value of its women for centuries.

We work to change this through rescue, prevention, and awareness.


  • We currently focus in rural India to rescue girls by offering alternative options through our prevention models and creating awareness around the issue. Rescue Pink has a commitment to keeping families together, with an emphasis on changing the mindset.


  •  Our prevention models include counseling services for at-risk girls and women under pressure, after school and life skills programs for girls, medical camps, nutrition to pregnant and lactating women and financial empowerment to moms including support groups and entrepreneur training.


  • The devaluing of women and girls in India has a dire ongoing affect, but many are desensitized to it. We work to create awareness through campaigns in urban, rural and educational settings.