100% Repayment Rate for our Women Entrepreneurs

16426080_965938470173371_4528896341686827593_nTo those of you who sponsored our first loans for our first batch of women entrepreneurs, this is for you! This week we had a celebration, because 100% of those women made their final loan payment and paid their loans back 100% (with interest); and because they were doing so well after their business training, most put back more than what was required of them for savings.

This week we celebrated their success - almost all of them have doubled their household income, all of them are now able to take care of their girls and save for her future. In a place where 1 in 4 girls don't survive, you've made a real difference. Together, with their mamas, you helped them rescue their girls! And this isn't a short term rescue - but because you empowered her mama in a sustainable way - then it's a lifetime change that will last for generations. Thank you doesn't say enough, we are forever grateful for you. Thank you for partnering with these mamas, thank you for believing in them! Thank you for rescuing their girls!

Sherry Naron