Having Hope!

12190975_699646936802527_5855087463625894395_n"Shelly explains that women can apply for a business loan only if they show they are hardworking and responsible. They must make a commitment to attend every class, be on time, and always do their homework. The women who are approved for loans will become known as a 'HOPE Group.' They will continue meeting and learning together until their loans and loan fees are fully repaid. Shelly talks to them about the importance of having hope in their lives. She says that one of the first steps in starting something new, like a business, is to keep a positive picture of it in your mind—a BIG HOPE.

It is hard for Sara to imagine having hope in anything—or anyone—but something inside tells her to keep listening. Shelly goes on to say that once they have a BIG HOPE, then they need a plan to make it happen—a business plan. The classes will teach them about the business-planning process, along with other important lessons about starting and growing a business—one that is successful, respectable, and different. Each week, a lesson will be taught as a part of every class. The lessons will teach about honorable character qualities that are important in business—and in life."

-- From Sarah's Story (from our micro-lending curriculum)


We have started our micro-lending curriculum through our Rescue Pink Center in the Medak District.

What does this have to do with rescuing girls from infanticide?


The women who will be a part of this group are very poverty stricken and either pregnant or young mothers of baby girls. These babies and girls are extremely high candidates for infanticide and not surviving. Rescue Pink is offering an alternative by offering hope. We will spend the next year with these women helping them launch their own businesses and do everything we can to help them succeed and provide for their families to help afford their girls. During the year they make money, pay back their loan, and put money into a savings account for their girls.

Thank you for giving to Rescue Pink and helping us offer HOPE to those who so desperately need it!

Sherry Naron