Expanding Horizons

It's the O-Center's turn for an outing {see Sherry's note below why we do this}! Can you imagine...these little ones most likely have never been on a trip! And we took them to a waterpark y'all!  Expanding horizons and letting them have fun and dream! Thank you, givers, for this! Thank you for giving them joy! I'll never forget as a child the adventures my parents took me on - we traveled - a lot. No matter if it was the beach, the mountains, Disney, SeaWorld - it was at those places where I realized the world was much bigger than I thought, and that there were so many opportunities available to me. Traveling outside the norm gave me room to have bigger dreams. I could be a nurse, I could be a marine biologist...I can be whatever I wanted to be now I knew they existed. These little ones have never had any sort of opportunity like this - and now we hope they are dreaming big dreams! Thank you for helping them achieve their dreams with us! - Love, Sherry

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Sherry Naron