Awareness: Knowledge is Power!

Yesterday we held an awareness program out in the rural area of Medak. One of the issues we work towards is making sure our rural families know what sort of government help is available to them. There are so many government programs (schemes) created, but our friends out in rural areas have no idea these are available to them, and if they do, then they have no idea how to access them, and often government officials do not make it a priority to get the word out. We decided to change that!

We partnered with the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Service) of the Ministry of Women & Child Department of India, and with the assistance from both the Urban and Rural CI’s (Circle Inspector/Police) who convinced a very expensive function hall/garden to donate their location to us because it was a worthy cause.

We were hopeful to have 200 people to show up, but we were pleasantly surprised to have over 300 men and women come.

The main focus was to talk about the importance of the girl child and the need to value them and treat them equal to boys. Then the ICDS Superintendent spoke about the various government schemes and services that are available to the girl children and how they can access these services. There are some really great schemes for financial assistance for girls who marry after the age of 18, and free residential schools and colleges for girls…

Knowledge is power! Rescue Pink will be the place to help these families get the help they need to make sure their girls have every opportunity to be able to stay in school until she’s 18, and even opportunities for a higher education if she wants, and to not marry before age 18 (which is an epidemic in rural areas)…and when she does marry, there will be financial assistance there for her marriage. This will literally change the whole trajectory of the next generation for these families. This cuts off the issues of poverty and dowry/infanticide at its very core!

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Sherry Naron