Be Bold For Change

Just now getting photos back from our celebrations at both our centers for International Women's Day. We gathered with our women in our Pregnancy & Lactating Program at M Center and with the moms of our after school girls at the O Center. At both we had cake (a big treat) and spent time talking with them about this years theme, "Be bold for Change." We talked about how they can step out and be bold to change their own circumstances and rescue their girls, and then also encouraged/inspired them by sharing stories of successful Indian women. #beboldforchange #iwd2017 17191125_990590774374807_7147888609224919106_n 17191146_990590697708148_8205755266659051880_n 17201046_990590701041481_1248998697241210768_n 17264516_990590747708143_6560770297206107623_n 17191054_990590757708142_5452701556895947792_n

Sherry Naron