Christmas Party 2015

We had a Christmas Party with our girls out at the center in Medack. The visiting World Race Team of ladies helped put together the party. We are so thankful to have their help! They made it extra special for the girls. They taught them a nativity skit, and created costumes and props for them to wear. Be sure to see the photos below and check out the cutest little angels you ever did see! Each of our little ones got a new dress! This is a precious gift. Thank you to ‪#‎seasonsharvestcafe‬ right here in Cypress, TX for helping us raise funds for this! And we even made the local news again! Thank you for giving to Rescue Pink this year to help us change the lives of so many little girls and their mamas. We look forward to what the next year will bring! We couldn't do this without you, honestly, we mean that from the bottom of our hearts…thank you!!!


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Sherry Naron