COURAGE \\ Kasamma's Story

In cases of extreme poverty, the dowry system in India perpetuates extreme risk for little girls. There is a preference for boys as they bring in a large income into the family unit. Because girls are a burden to the family, often they are not given adequate nutrition, healthcare, and are at extreme risk to being sold into slavery, bonded labor, or into the sex trafficking industry. The mama typically does not have any say so into the matter. Rescue Pink works to change the perception of girls in India, and helps to empower the mamas to help rescue their girls and keep them safe.

This is Kasamma’s story.

With a strong group of women standing behind one another, we help them find their courage. And we help them change the story for their little girls.

Thank you for giving to help rescue Kasamma’s girls!


Thanks to Lalitha and the team in India for putting this video together for us!

Sherry Naron