Courage+ Self Esteem = Confidence

13876295_813950868705466_3680118988482637263_nCOURAGE + SELF ESTEEM = CONFIDENCE // One of the major aims of our Women's Entrepreneurship Program is to build confident women. During their monthly meetings the women get together in their lending circles and discuss their victories and also the challenges they've faced during the month. In one of our recent meetings the women were given a mirror and asked to share what they see when they look into the mirror. After their initial shyness, check out their responses: - "I see a much happier me!" - "I think I look beautiful!" - "I see an independent woman who can take care of her girls without anyone else's support!" - "I see a woman who has the courage to cross all odds to take care of my girls!"

You guys, these sorts of responses couldn't have even been imagined just a few short months ago. We are so proud of them! Thank you for helping these courageous women be able to fight for, and take care of their girls!

Sherry Naron