Doubling their Household Income - What!!

So Lalitha went out to check on the first group of our Women Entrepreneurs last week! Several of the women in this group are selling jewelry. Jewelry is very important in Indian culture and very hard to access by those out in the villages, so they were able to mark up their jewelry by around 50% (or more). First of all, when you put a bunch of women into a room with a bunch of jewelry, then how can that not be a great time - so we love seeing their smiles!

But we know those smiles mean so much more! We love hearing stores that the women travel together on the bus to target a group of villages, then each spend the day selling door to door in separate villages, then ride on the bus back together learning from one another (what went well, what didn't, how much did you sell it for, etc). One of the things with this program is that we not only wanted to empower the women, but also help them build community with one another, and we are already seeing that just a couple weeks into the process.

One lady had the highest profit margin in her group because she's selling very hard to access kitchen pots! She carries these on her head, guys!!

But here's the BEST NEWS!! These ladies are projected to double their household income their first month of selling (some MORE than double)! We can't imagine how that must feel! They are pretty excited about it and determined to work hard every day so they can provide for their girls. We are so proud of them! Thank you for helping us make this possible, we love you!!

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Sherry Naron