Education Changes Everything

16266226_955998984500653_1431539713371246517_nEDUCATION CHANGES EVERYTHING

When you educate a girl in India it breaks all kinds of barriers and changes everything for generations to come. It is less likely that she is forced into a child marriage, and she is more likely to go for higher education and get a great job to break the cycle of poverty. Then she will ensure her children will also be well-fed, healthy and educated.

The most vulnerable of girls in our area come to the centers you provided for them every day. These girls are at high risk of early death because of malnutrition, inadequate healthcare, and being sold into slavery or child marriage – all because of the burden girls bring to a family. As we work to try to change the mindset of the parents and the community, we are a refuge for the girl; providing her supplemental nutrition, healthcare and doing everything we can to make sure she stays in school and is excelling. All 68 of the girls in your afterschool program over the past year get tutoring every single day. They have 100% school attendance and a 0% drop out rate! Thank you for changing lives and rescuing girls!

Sherry Naron