Education Changes Everything & An Invite to Pinktoberfest!


Education changes EVERYTHING for a girl in India.

But often they aren’t given a chance at higher education because boys take preference in India, in the areas where we work. Because the more educated a boy is, the more he can demand for a dowry.

The little bit of money a family has goes toward the boys education because that money has a return on it. And often the girl will be married as a child, or sold into slavery or bonded labor.

We work to make sure the most vulnerable girls in the areas where we work stay in school. We monitor and tutor them daily, because we know how important education is for a girl - it changes her whole life and future generations. Her name is Deepika.

Let’s do this for more girls! Sign up for our Pinktoberfest fundraising event on October 28th. Details and sign up over at

Thank you for helping us change lives!

Sherry Naron