Empowering Mamas!

loan repaymentIn the areas where we work there is such a preference for boys because of the dowry system. Boys get preferential treatment in the areas of daily meals, proper healthcare and education. Because a healthy and strong, educated boy can bring in a good dowry into his family. Because of this, and the poverty level of the families we work with on a daily basis, girls are often neglected, not fed properly or given the proper healthcare and educational choices she deserves. Often the young girls don’t survive it, but if they do, then they can be married at a very young age - as a child, or she is at risk of being sold into trafficking or bonded labor.

There is a survival mindset that says, making sure your girl is healthy, is just paying money out to another family, instead of your own. It is a deep seeded mentality that we work towards changing at its core so these girls can be rescued from all the things listed above.

How do we do this? We empower the mamas. The very ones who lived the circumstances meant to be played out for their own little girls. These mamas aren’t educated, were barely fed or given healthcare, but they survived it. They were bought with a dowry and haven’t had much say-so in the lives of their girls.

But now they do! Because of your giving we were able to enroll these mamas with vulnerable little girls into our women’s entrepreneurship classes. We taught them that they don’t have to be able to read or write to be an entrepreneur. They didn’t have to go to school. There’s still a chance for them if they are willing to hope, and willing to work hard. Our mamas attended every class. They learned. And you gave them a loan to help get them started. And now they are succeeding. They are selling, and making profits, and paying back their loans, and rescuing their girls. You helped break the cycle. And we can’t be more thankful!

Let’s do this for more mamas! Be sure to come to our Pinktoberfest auction and fundraising event on October 28th. We can do this for more families. We can rescue more girls. Go to rescuepink.org/events for details and to sign up.

Sherry Naron