English is a Good Step to Breaking the Cycle

16831066_974296119337606_6187595225549982885_nOur girls are learning English! Part of your support provides them with an English tutor as they learn. Most of the elite casts in India have demanded English, and over time it has become the official language of government, of business, and universities in the city. Often rural, poverty stricken girls aren't offered an education, or if they are, then it's to the local government schools where their mother tongue is only offered. A lot of our successful women entrepreneurs have now put their girls in paid English medium schools because they can now afford it, but many of our after school girls are in government schools. We want to give them every opportunity we can to help them succeed in life. In order for them to get a higher education, to work in the city with higher paying jobs, and to understand their government - they need to know English. So we are working hard to give them that extra advantage and those extra opportunities in life. These are beautiful and bright girls - higher education and good jobs will break the cycle of poverty which perpetuates all the issues we fight against for girls - Thank you for giving, so they can have access to what they deserve and help change the next generation!

Sherry Naron