First Rescue Pink Clinic: Medak District

On Monday, October 12th, 2015, (YESTERDAY!!) Rescue Pink launched its first Clinic for Women and Girls in the Medak District in Telegana. This clinic will serve the needs of over 27 villages. The launch was well attended with a few women and girls from the local villages, and a wonderful response with the attendance of local doctors, political leaders and the media. Everyone is very excited because this clinic is the first of its kind anywhere in the Medak District (that caters to women and girls). The government doctors pledged their support to be there with us as we are working towards good health for women and girls. Even the local newspapers carried the news. They shared who we are and all the initiatives that will be available through our Clinic. IMG_3294IMG_3293IMG_3286




Even after the launch, the doctors held a clinic to check on the well-being of the girls in attendance, proving that Rescue Pink means business when it comes to making sure the girls in this area are well cared for and given every opportunity to survive and thrive. Sangeetha (our clinic director) is currently working on a survey of all the villages of every pregnant mama and every woman who is lactating. We will know when girls are born and we will know how they are doing. We will be partners with families who have baby girls, in doing all we can to make sure they live. Sangeetha’s training on our micro-lending business training model will begin very soon that will be used as an alternative option for those families who are struggling to keep their girls.





Already there are 20 girls signed up for our afterschool program (just on the first day). We will help make sure they are doing well in health, in school, and in family life. We will make sure they are medicated when sick. We will make sure she’s in school and thriving, and we will make sure she gets all that she needs to grow up healthy, educated and strong. You did this, thank you for giving to Rescue Pink so this can happen. We know maybe you see posts and think, wow, it’s great what Rescue Pink is doing…but we didn’t do this, YOU did (we are just the facilitators). YOU made this happen! YOU are the reason why all these little girls will survive and thrive. Thank you allowing us to be a part of this work with you!

Sherry Naron