Rescue Pink Girls Night Out

In February, Rescue Pink held our first Girls Night to the Rescue Event at the Original Henna Company in downtown Houston in the Heights. We had yummy desserts, raffled some great prizes, watched a beautiful belly dancer (and took some lessons from her), and each lady got her own henna. Why Henna?

A Hindu bride wearing henna symbolizes the love and strength she has in the marriage, the darker the henna, the deeper the love. It is used to adorn and beautify her and symbolize her as anointed or chosen as the bride for her husband. Often the couple’s initials will be hidden away in the art. On that night Rescue Pink’s initials were hidden away in each of the ladies art.

Our hope was, that in the week after, as the ladies looked at their henna they would remember the strength and love that will be given to our rescued girls at Rescue Pink, and to remember their commitment to being a part of it.

A special thank you to each lady who attended, for choosing - for being anointed – to wear the cause of Rescue Pink.

Check out some of the pics below

RP RP-12 RP-13 RP-32 RP-39 RP-45 RP-47 RP-50 RP-60 RP-61

Sherry Naron