Her Name is Chepyala

Her name is Chepyala. She lost two daughters.

-Don’t skim past that-

She’s in a poverty-stricken condition. Main job is to birth a son and instead births two daughters and both die.

She has to be utterly devastated. Her mama heart has to be broken into pieces. And she has no friends to come beside her because that’s just not how things are done.

She is pressured for another baby and again, a girl is born. She is frowned upon in her family and community because she has not birthed a son.

Besides that, can you imagine her fear? Will she lose this baby girl too? And she has no one to talk to about it.

She is desperate to do whatever it takes to make sure this daughter lives.

Even when all the odds are stacked against her. She can’t read or write, and she has little hope she can do anything at all, but she cannot survive the death of another one of her babies.

But hope steps in & she hears about Rescue Pink and how we help moms rescue their girls. She learns that women can take a 3-month course and learn how to start their own business and get a loan at the end.

So she tries. She comes to all the classes with 35 women and makes friends - she has a community now, and decides she wants to purchase a buffalo & sell milk. She graduates the program and gets her loan.

This is today, now she is so excited about her future & that she can provide for her daughter. She feels empowered.

Want to know what her comment was?

“I am glad I now have people to talk to.”

Chepyala is empowered. She will rescue her daughter. But not without people.

Not without others to help give her hope, cheer her on, give her life & community. THIS is the difference maker. YOU gave her these things, YOU also are a part of her team.

Tonight, we open up Rescue Pink Center #3. This center was sponsored by Community of Faith. We are excited about all the life-change that will come forward through this new center. We are so grateful for you.

Sherry Naron