Hopes & Dreams on Paper

You guys, we just HAD to share some of these this morning! These are hopes and dreams drawn on paper! This week in our business training with our women entrepreneurs, the mamas drew what their dream business would be. Sewing, vegetable cart, sheep, selling saris in the market, growing vegetables, buffalo milk, general store. These precious mamas don't know it yet, but these dreams will become reality really, really soon. They get to rescue their girls by creating their dream business - it's so fun to be a part the hope business! Thank you to those who gave loans to invest with these ladies - you are in the hope business with us! 17098419_987612981339253_4682096729464113680_n 17155538_987612954672589_4644515462204718740_n 17156221_987612951339256_4732214254317390196_n 17190386_987613031339248_3524336339094716328_n 17190801_987613011339250_882828437756600083_n 17201425_987612978005920_156131439424789922_n 17201433_987613004672584_1098184702982960299_n

Sherry Naron