International Human Rights Day 2016

15380852_914858485281370_1996019580836297218_nToday is #internationalhumanrightsday - At Rescue Pink we like to focus on the helping, and on the hope - and we don't often share the horrendous stories our girls and women come from because they are THEIR stories and THEIR choice of whether or not they get told. Thank you for supporting them without us having to exploit them. We are glad you are investors of hope! But on this day, it is good to be reminded that we are fighting for the rights of women and girls in India. They should get a say so in their future. They shouldn't be killed just because they are a girl. They shouldn't be sold into a slave marriage at the age of 10, 11 or 12 years. Women shouldn't be bought and sold - ever. Mama's should be able to speak for their girls and fight for her. THIS is the work we do together. We are so grateful for you. THEY are so grateful to you.

There's a link below, please spend a minute reading it - the description there is exactly some of the stories we are fighting against in our brand new center in Ongole. Now we know the urgency we felt to open that center immediately in faith and not wait. And now you've funded it. Thank you for fighting for the girls!

Please read this story:…/cows-goats-india-slave-brides-16…

Sherry Naron