Lessons on Hope


Rescue Pink had our second meeting on Monday with the women in the business training course in Medak. ALL the women returned this week, even after explaining to them last week they would need to attend every week for a year and it would be three months of classes at least before they received their loans, and they had to complete all of their homework assignments. We are so happy to hear this news! The women had a great time.

Their homework to bring to class this week was for each woman to present the businesses that were currently in their area and businesses that they believed were needed in their area. They were taught the importance of having hope and building a vision and were taught the process of our lending program.




Each week the ladies study a good character trait for business owners. This week they studied about being trustworthy. Lalitha and Sangetha led them in a trust fall.

See the woman on the chair and the other lady is there to catch her. Part of the micro lending process is that the women are loaned money in lending circles.They each have their own business and their own loan, but they are responsible to each other in groups of 5-10. If someone in your group doesn't repay their loan, then the rest of the group is responsible. This builds peer pressure to succeed, but also accountability and a great support system. Most importantly it facilitates community and helping one another when the other is down.





Another exercise in the lesson of hope (which is the main focus of what we do in this whole training and micro-lending process)...the women took a sheet of paper and on one half they were to draw something to them that expressed hopelessness and the other side a drawing of something hopeful. Some women drew happy faces and sad faces. One woman drew a man's face for feeling hopeful and a woman's face for hopeless. We know this view of hers is about to change! We are excited to watch her and all these ladies in that process.





The ladies had a great time, many of them have never been to school so drawing on paper with pencils and crayons was a first for them!
Afterwards each woman presented their drawings to the class as they discussed it together. Overall it was a great session.
Next week they come back with their homework where they explain about their big hope for their business.
Be thinking about them this week as they are dreaming and thinking, and as that tiny seed of hope is planted.
 Thank you for helping plant hope!
Sherry Naron