Loan Day!

Our women entrepreneurs received their loans yesterday! Here are a few photos. We are so excited and hopeful for their future. We love that many of them brought their daughters with them to receive their business loans.That's a sign that they get what we are doing here; empowering them to be able to give them life, a good education and a stronger future.Thank you for giving. If you would like to help fund the next round of loans, click here for more info: 12764356_741814462585774_4188470491236705996_o 11143472_741814465919107_6588951959970937198_o 10683460_741814669252420_4734020523483299348_o 12778942_741814595919094_591646971223682268_o 12764360_741814589252428_3085570710544315435_o 12748012_741814569252430_7691706036554215829_o 12771689_741814535919100_4662863141564604402_o 12828514_741814529252434_2348719762546494_o 12794919_741814532585767_3282501357685099809_o 12778680_741814459252441_1601211681236191386_o 701963_741814679252419_2868486805123171260_o

Sherry Naron