Medical Camp

We had our first medical camp at our Rescue Pink Center in Medak yesterday. Because it is custom, when the daughter gets married, her priority then becomes to take care of her in-laws, not her own parents. This is another reason for son preference, so you will have a daughter-in-law to take care of you in your old age. It’s also the reason why sons gets preference for any medical treatment instead of daughters. There’s an age old saying in India that taking care of your daughter is taking care of someone else’s property. The mortality rate of girls is 75% higher than boys because of this. Rescue Pink’s goal is to change that. Our plan is to host frequent medical camps at our centers to make sure girls are taken care of.

We had five doctors who willingly accepted our invitation and came forward to support us for this initiative. We had two pediatricians and three family specialists who took turns to attend to the patients.

There were around 250 women and children who walked in for the camp where they were individually attended by the doctors and were provided with the necessary medication. This was also covered by the local media.

Two doctors further extended their support and said that if any of the women and children who are under our program need immediate medical attention, they would be willing to treat them for free from their clinic.

Special thanks to Dr. Surender, Dr. Vijaykumar, Dr. Shekar and Dr. Suresh for volunteering their time to Rescue Pink.

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Sherry Naron