Medical Camp

Rescue Pink held a free medical camp at our center this week. Lalitha was able to secure 7 Indian physicians to volunteer to be a part of this with us. We had 4 Women Specialists, 2 Pediatricians and 1 General Physician to see more than 250 women, and around 200 girls and babies. The female physicians were very impressed with the work Rescue Pink is doing to serve women and girls and said they would always be willing to be a part of our work whenever needed! We love that! All the mamas involved with the Rescue Pink Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, and their girls were seen specifically to be followed up on, and the women and baby girls in our Pregnant and Lactating Nutrition Group had a thorough checkup. They also were able to pick up this month’s supplemental nutrition package directly from the doctors and were told by the physicians how impressed they were with our nutrition package and to continue to reinforce how important it is to continue taking in good nutrition.

One thing we were surprised by was that some of the fathers were the ones who brought their little girls in to be checked. This might seem small to you, but this is HUGE! This means Rescue Pink is changing the perception of girls in these villages among their fathers – at least some of them anyway. It’s a good start, and we are very happy about that!

Good news also came when the local newspaper has shown interest in showcasing Rescue Pink’s work as a cover story in their monthly magazine in their August Edition – which would be circulate throughout the whole state. This is another form or raising awareness in India about the importance of Rescue Pink’s work helping rescue girls by empowering their mama’s to be able to keep them, and changing the perception of girls within this culture.

Thank you for helping make this possible. When you gave, you provided courage to mamas to learn to open her own business and work hard to provide for her girls. You provided food and nutrition and healthcare to neglected little girls. You provided supplemental nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers to help make sure these little ones (and their mamas) are healthy and strong. You provided tutoring and help with school, where little girls might be sold into slavery instead. You are changing the perception of fathers to recognize the value of his little girl. And so much more! Let’s keep it up!

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Sherry Naron