Meet B - "You Saved My Life!"

Meet B. She is uneducated and has two daughters. Her husband was very upset she couldn't produce a son and so he took that out on her violently, and then started splitting his time with an additional wife. He did not support B's family at all and she found herself struggling to survive. They had no money, and no food to eat. She felt hopeless and contemplated suicide many times, but thoughts of her daughters kept her alive. Through an awareness program B heard about Rescue Pink and sent her daughters to our after school program so they could get help and a daily meal. There she heard about our Entrepreneurship Program and joined the class. She went through the training, wrote her business plan, received her loan, and now sells seasonal drink mixes to local shops. She is making a good profit and doing so well!

Our coordinator at the center says B has found so much joy during training because she's found friendships and hope there. B says she likes being able to take care of her daughters now. She says that she is so grateful for Rescue Pink because it has literally saved her life!

We are so proud of you, B, you beautiful, strong and brave mama, for rescuing your daughters!

When you donate to Rescue Pink, you team up with mothers like B and empower her to live, and rescue her own sweet daughters! Thank you so much!

Sherry Naron