Meet Durgaveni

13507091_800364530064100_3905977647398580744_nDurgaveni joined Rescue Pink’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Training and completed the training successfully. Part of the training encourages the ladies to think of something that would be in high demand in their villages, so she proposed to open a kirana store (general store) because there are no stores at all in her particular village. Because of a large degree of medical bills in this family, we asked our staff to keep a close eye on her. We can’t imagine when you live in that depth of poverty, and have a sick child with medical bills stacked up, that upon receiving that money there might be temptation to use it to pay off the bills.

Because of how our loans are set up, the women are in lending circles (or groups). And if one woman can’t pay back her loan payment, the rest of the women pay it for her. This helps ensure peer pressure, but also it makes the women work together to make sure each other succeed. The rest of the women in her group started their businesses but there was no news from her.

She would avoid attending the group meetings and whenever the women would question her about when she is planning to start her business, she would say she was taking her time.

It was hard to understand what she wanted, we knew she came to every class and did all her homework and was excited about the loan, so we didn’t understand the change in heart now. So our field staff personally visited her and spent some time with her trying to understand what the issues were.

During that time, we found out that her husband was not very supportive, and she didn't feel very encouraged to start her business. So our team spent a good bit of time speaking with her about why we are doing what we are doing, and how beneficial it would be for her and her children if she is financially stable. She then promised that she would immediately start the business.

Durgaveni has been amazed at the response she was getting after she opened the store! She says she has lots of customers every day! She still calls our coordinator and thanks her for pushing her to do it. She is excited about how this money will help her family out in the long term! Thanks for helping people like Durgaveni!

Sherry Naron