Meet Indira - We LOVE her Story!


Indira is 25 years old and has a 2 year old little girl. Their family lives on less than a dollar a day, but somehow they still managed to put a little money into savings, one tiny bit at a time, hoping someday to be able to farm on the small plot of land their family owned.

Then she heard about Rescue Pink and joined our Women’s Entrepreneurship Trainings. She knew she was going to work hard, and she bet on us, and she took a risk (which is something required of all great entrepreneurs). She knew harvest season was upon us before the training program was over and when she would receive the loan, so she took the small amount she had saved up, and bought some corn seed, and planted it. About the time we handed out loans, her crop was ready for the pest control that she could now afford, and she also had enough startup money to plow the rest of the land and plant some more vegetables.

So today the corn is ready for harvest!! When our team visited her to check on how she was doing, she plucked some tender corn and gave as a token of her gratitude.

In other good news: This week was the first week for loan repayment for the women and we had 100% pay their first payment in full! Way to go Mamas!! They are well on their way to helping take care of their girls!

Sherry Naron