Meet Kasama

12985527_763365557097331_1924419041001395400_nKasama has always felt she was not given much value in her community because she has 3 girls with no boy. She was looked down upon in her community because of it. She said she always felt her life would have been different if they had a boy child. She has dreaded even thinking about her girls marriages as she has known that without a dowry they could not be given into marriage. Kasama joined Rescue Pink’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Program last October. She completed 4 months of the intense business training, and received her micro loan (that you provided her) just a few weeks ago. Now she has launched her own business of selling jewelry. She has almost doubled her family income.

Here’s what we love. We have found that Kasama is a natural born leader. She’s so hard working! One thing that surprised us, that when given the same amount for her loan, she was able to purchase more inventory with that money than any of the other women. We have seen so much leadership within her that now she is their lending circle leader. She meets with all the women in their group on a weekly basis, looking at their profits and losses and helping guide them. She will be the one who handles the monthly deposits and communicates with our staff about their group.

We love this – taking a woman who was considered to have no value within her community, to the woman who is leading the group, doubling her household income, and changing the lives of her 3 small girls! Thank YOU for helping give Kasama and her daughters hope!

Sherry Naron