Meet Manjula

13255906_783738841726669_5733212060577614552_n Manjula is 30 yrs old and did not receive any education from childhood because of her poor family condition. She was married at the age of 18 and now has two beautiful daughters. She dreamed of getting an education, but her brothers were sent to school instead and she stayed and worked on the family farm.

Manjula would somehow manage, but always wished she could also do something more and be a support to the family, and also be able to take good care of her girls. As soon as she heard about the Women’s Entrepreneurship Training by Rescue Pink, she enrolled herself. She was so determined to work hard and make sure she saves enough for her daughters, she is passionate about it! She attended all the sessions without fail. She was so active, that her group members elected her as their leader.

She had the most detailed business plan which she wanted to implement after receiving the loan, she was ready! Her dream was to start a vegetable vending business, and upon receiving the loan she went straight to it and bought all the necessary material required for her to start. She has been making good notes of where all she has been spending money. (We think we have a fine business leader in Manjula!

During the group meeting with our staff, Manjula mentioned that she is very happy to be a part of this group and that she is very grateful to Rescue Pink for supporting her, to help her start something that will provide for her family. She said before the trainings, she would just sit at home wondering when their lives will get better, but now she has a direction and a hope that her daughter's future will be bright! She says she is determined to work as hard so she can do so! We are so proud of her!

Thank you for giving women like Manjula a chance! Investing in her will change the lives of her whole family!

Sherry Naron