Meet Sujatha - Designer in the Village


Sujatha is 29 years old and single mother to two beautiful little girls. She lost her husband in 2012, and was forced to move her family in with her mother because she did not have a house of her own. As she was looking for hope, she heard of Rescue Pink’s Women’s Entrepreneurship training from the other women in the village, and decided to go along with them and see if it would help her.

As she listened in the introductory meeting, her interest grew, and she decided to complete the training. During the training, she learned to look for something she would love to do, but would be in high demand in her rural area. As she thought about it, she decided her business would be to start a matching centre. This is where she can sell matching accessories required for sarees and dresses.

She decided this would be, a suitable but unique business for her, because women who give their sarees and blouses for stitching would also prefer getting their blouse custom made by adding some extra lace, or some extra work to the saree to make it look more elaborate and grand. Once she presented her plan at the business class, the other women encouraged her saying it would be a good business because they don’t have this sort of thing in the villages, and women would love to have this done. (Yall, this is designer clothing available now in their villages – this is unheard of! Designers are only available in the big cities. We love her ingenuity.

Sujatha, upon receiving the loan, set up her matching centre in her home. And it sure was a good idea to combine the sewing work with the designer work, because it increased her customers! Now all the women have started coming to her, because her clothing is "designer" and more beautiful! She is now able to charge double for her designer items and she is in high demand! She is so happy because she is making enough money now to make sure her girls stay in school. She said that she would work even harder and save up for her girls higher education.

Thank you for supporting Sujatha! We are excited about her future!

Sherry Naron