Meet Yashoda: She wished for a Buffalo & Got It

13254429_784090681691485_191362149294143691_n Yashoda is 25 yrs old and has never been to school, because growing up she had to take care for her brothers. She was married at 16 years old, and has two beautiful daughters. However she and her husband still wish for a boy child. Yashoda loves her daughters, but at the same time, she also has the deep desire to have a son as she feels it would give her a higher value in her community. (Rescue Pink is working to change that.

When she heard about the Women’s Entrepreneurship Trainings, she was keen on knowing more about it, which then led her to join the group and attend the sessions. During the initial sessions she felt it would really help her family if she could help support them financially. And from that time forward she started focusing really hard on the training and putting all her efforts into it.

When the time came to decide on which business she would like to start, she had no clue initially, but then after the community research she conducted on what kind of businesses are available in her area, she decided on taking up dairy business by purchasing a buffalo. Milk was in high demand in their area as there are dairy industries in the surroundings.

Along with the loan she received, she also pooled in some more money and purchased a buffalo (the loan wasn’t enough for a buffalo, but she was determined and went out and found a way to make it happen). She said since there is a high demand for milk, she would be able to make a decent amount of money. The buffalo is able to produce 5 liters of milk per day which fetches her an amount of Rupees 250-300 per day – This more than doubles their previous household income.

Purchasing a Buffalo is a one-time investment. The life span of a buffalo is 12 yrs on average. It starts producing milk after its first reproduction which is at the age of 2-3yrs. Yashoda purchased a milking buffalo which is 3yrs old. Since it is young, it produces less quantity of milk in comparison with the older ones, but once it matures it will on average produce 12 litres of milk per day, which will increase her profit tremendously.

Go Yashoda! We like mamas who are determined! Thank you for helping her get a buffalo so she can provide for her girls!

Sherry Naron