New Center Coming Soon!

14188102_10155253160101110_1679522305057236704_o Ok, we stepped out in faith believing we would raise the rest of the money needed to fund this second center! So we decided to go ahead and open it! We still need around $8,000 so if you want to donate please go to to give – every amount counts! The official launch date is September 7th (a week from tomorrow)!!

Meet our newest employees: Bhargavi (on the left) – She will be overseeing the Women’s Programs through the new center. She is a trained nurse who has experience with women, pregnant and lactating mothers, educating them on health, home visits, traveling and running a vocational training center for women. This all will be very beneficial as she handles our Women’s Entrepreneurship Training's to help mamas be able to keep their girls, and she will oversee the Pregnant and Lactating Mother’s program.

Suvarchala (on the right) – Is a fresh engineering graduate. She speaks English very well and passionate about working with children. Previously she worked in children’s education. She will be handing the girls after school program, organizing girls clubs, making home visits to follow up with girls and pinpointing the most vulnerable little ones in the area, etc.

Both the ladies will work together in organizing community based programs on awareness of female infanticide and the importance of the girl child and will both organize medical camps as we make sure little girls are getting medical treatment they need.

Thank you for giving to help us grow!

Sherry Naron