O-Center Medical Camp

We also hosted our very first Medical Camp at our O-Center this week (our second center that opened a couple months ago). At this center we treated around 200 women and children. (Swipe for a couple more photos). Below is a little recap of why we do medical camps if you missed the post yesterday. Thank you for partnering with us, we love you! These medical camps do multiples of things, but three are very important to us. First, all the women and girls in our program are checked multiple times in the year to make sure they are staying in good health, It also gives us measurable progress with them. Secondly, it gives us an opportunity to pinpoint vulnerable families that we need to follow up with and help get them involved with Rescue Pink - so we can help empower them to rescue their girls. Third, offering this sort of thing helps give us a good name in the communities in which we work, and gives us a voice into their lives, so we can continue to speak about the issues surrounding their women and girls.

When you give to Rescue Pink centers these quarterly medical camps are a part of our budget – which means you are the ones offering life and good health to little girls and their mamas. Thank you for partnering with us!


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Sherry Naron