Project Love One Marathon



On February 18th, Project Love One held a Marathon fundraiser (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K), to raise money for Rescue Pink. We were so excited! Over 300 racers came out to Run to Rescue. What a beautiful thing as we watched these men and women who have trained to sacrifice their Saturday to help rescue girls in India. We are so grateful!






This photo is a few of the leadership for Project Love One. These ladies are so special! We run big events, we know how much work it is - so for these precious ones to do this for someone else is beyond what we can even comprehend! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


This is Mary Kathryn Gibson, and she ran her 10k in 43 minutes!! She was first across the finish line and nobody could touch her - no one even close! So fitting to have a young girl be the first one to finish this race! (Sorry we got your eyes closed Mary kathryn, but we had to post your photo - so proud of you!)


This is Maria Price, she ran the 10K, 3 months pregnant. Her first words across the finish line was that she knew some women feel they can't keep their baby girl, so she ran pregnant knowing the money she raised would help rescue - and there was no better way for her to celebrate life today!


Everyone finished the race! We are so grateful for each and every one of you who ran to rescue girls in India! Special thanks to Project: Love One - you guys are simply the best! 

Extra special thanks to these sweet volunteers, thank you for getting up at 3am and sacrificing your Saturday - thank you Jeff for being one of RP's greatest champions! We love you all!

Sherry Naron