Arshita Arshitha (6 years old) is the second daughter of her parents. Arshitha’s father always desired to have a boy child and hence did not let her mother go for family planning after Arshitha, the second daughter, was born. He had high hopes their third child would be a boy. But to his disappointment she again delivered a third baby girl.

Arshitha’s father, along with his family, were furious and wanted to give away the newborn to someone else, but the mother refused. After much fighting she kept the infant with her. This caused a lot of contention in the home, including severe abuse. So for her safety, Arshitha’s mom sent her older daughter to live with her grandmother to help relieve the burden and keep her safe.

But things did not get any better at home. Now the father was forcing the mother to give away Arshitha, or at least send her to a place where she could work as bonded labor where he could get a continuous income from her. {She’s 6 years old}.

Hearing this, their neighbor in the village was very concerned (who is also a mother of one of our after school program girls) she told Arshitha’s mom about Rescue Pink, and in order to rescue her, said she would take the girl home with her and take care of her. Then she immediately brought Arshitha to the Rescue Pink center and spoke to our staff. Working together with our staff, the neighbor has decided to keep Arshitha, and with Rescue Pink’s help, has enrolled her in school and in our After School Program for girls where she gets help with school and supplemental nutrition.

Arshitha loves to be at the center and is starting to thrive. The neighbor mama who took her in says, “Because of Rescue Pink, I now know the importance of a girl child, and I offered to keep her in my house because I know I have the support of Rescue Pink.”

Our hearts are leaping out of our chest this morning! Thank you for helping fund our center so we can make sure little girls like Arshitha are rescued from death or bonded labor at 6 years old. Thank you, thank you! This story is hard, but has a beautiful ending because of you.

Sherry Naron