Saving India's Daughters - A 2nd Cup Cafe Event

Rescue-Pink-presents-Sherry-Naron-Saving-Indias-Daughters_035344Rescue Pink presents Saving India’s Daughters Please join us for a special community event and presentation to benefit Rescue Pink, a Houston-based charity to rescue young girls in India. Sherry Naron, Founder of Rescue Pink, will share her personal story of how she was inspired to create this organization to help save babies at risk of infanticide in India.

It is estimated that in India alone, 50 million girls are missing due to infanticide, neglect or trafficking. Because of the extreme poverty in India and because a young bride’s family is obligated to pay a dowry in order to be married, girls are considered a burden. They are frequently either killed immediately following birth, lost to severe neglect throughout their childhood, or, once a little older, sold into slavery.

Her presentation will share the story of how Rescue Pink is changing this path and giving hope to mothers and families.

There will be door prizes and complementary Fair Trade coffee and fresh baked cookies from “A 2nd Cup.”

EVENT DETAILS WHEN: 7.20.16 | 7:00 pm

WHERE: A 2nd Cup Cafe 1111 E. 11th St. Houston, TX 77009

PHONE: 281-989-3958

TICKET INFO: Admission is free.

Sherry Naron