Savitri's Story

12047176_695784483855439_6081837805497130445_nMeet Savitri: Savitri attends our after school program at our center in Medak District of India. She is 10 years old and has an older sister and brother. Education was not an option for the girls because the family was struggling to feed their children. Her sister was married at age 15.

Later on, Savitri did start attending a nearby government school and made her way to 5th standard, but the family was planning on stopping her studies after 5th because feeding her was more important than her education.

This is where Sangeetha and the Rescue Pink Center stepped in. Now she is coming to the center where she is getting supplemental nutrition every day. She is also learning that education is important, and she has Sangeetha (the director at our center) as an advocate for her, making sure she is getting her school work completed and that she is doing well in school.

Savitri’s mother says 'From the time she started attending the centre she's been very happy. She often used to fall sick and to be honest we couldn't provide her with good food every day. I'm glad she is getting something to eat every day. I see that she hasn't fallen sick since the first week.'

We are working with the family to help keep Savitri in school. Studies have shown the cycle of poverty is turned around when you educate a girl, and poverty is one of the main forces that creates situations where desperation leads to losing our Indian girls.

Thank you for helping us make a difference for Savitri. We are together changing the stories of girls in this district!

Sherry Naron