Maybe the Second Thing Can be the First Thing...

IMG_2994 Sometimes you make plans, and then sometimes you have to alter the plans. All along Rescue Pink’s plan was to open up a larger home in the city for Rescued girls. This home would be an extension of India’s Child and Family Services. Then secondly, as we grew, our plan was to open up clinics closer to the more rural areas to do rescue and prevention work. The girls rescued in the rural areas would be moved to the larger home in the city where we could work with the government on domestic adoption.

Well, for many reasons getting government approval on our larger home in the city is taking quite some time. So instead of pushing an already busy and complicated process, we just decided to work around it. Maybe the second thing can be the first thing…

So the first thing we did was get government approval to send 10 volunteers from Rescue Pink to go work in the government home 3 times a week to help take care of rescued girls and make sure they get all the love they need. We were approved and have been sending in help every week!

And now, for our most recent news!!! Check out Rescue Pink’s first clinic!! This clinic is a very accessible place where baby girls can be dropped off as an alternative to infanticide. But it’s also a place where we have a very real presence inside the villages working on prevention and awareness. Often if the parents do not dispose of their girl, the depth of their poverty at times will cause them to not medicate her when she’s sick, or if there’s not enough food, she’s the last one to be fed, and then only if there’s enough. Often you will hear, “feeding your daughter is like watering someone else’s garden.” This is how girls are viewed within the family unit because its custom that when the girl marries, she takes a dowry with her and then moves into the in-law’s home to take care of the family.

Here are some of the things we will work on through our clinic:

  • We will host an after school program for girls aged 5-12 where we can monitor that the girls are being fed and educated and well taken care of. The girls will get a daily nutritious snack and medical checkups every 3 months.
  • During the day time we will focus on pregnant women and women with new born baby girls and women with girls under the age of 5 years. The areas covered would be GOBI-FFF (Growth monitoring, Oral dehydration, Breast feeding, Immunization, Female education, Family spacing and Food supplementation) along with provision of all the necessary education concerning their girl children.
  • We will also host life skill training programs for adolescent girls and awareness programs on the importance of girls within the community
  • Our first micro lending pilot will operate through this location. We will take 50 women who have infant or small girls under the age of 5 and host business training where they will learn business skills and write business plans and receive micro-loans to help begin their business. This will help build a more financially stable family unit where these women can afford their girls. At the same time helping to build a stronger community and economy.

This clinic is in a small town near a very rural area. It’s in the center of this little town where all the village members often travel to make any purchases, and for work. The main bus stop, police station, slum areas, and government school are nearby. All the buses to the villages start from the bus stop right there. The closest village is less than 0.3 of a mile, and within a 6 mile radius there are around 27 villages with whom we will be working among.

The girls we rescue through this clinic will be taken to the government home inside Hyderabad (major city where Rescue Pink is based), where our volunteers will be working and able to keep an eye on them.

Once our approval on our larger home in Hyderabad comes through (hopefully soon), the girls we rescue in the future will be taken into our home.

We are BEYOND excited! Thank you for supporting us and helping us launch this clinic and continue to rescue girls in India! YOU are the reason this is happening!

Sherry Naron