She Quintupled Her Household Income!

13339720_787017771398776_6116261909512314973_n You guys, we have a lady in our Women’s Entrepreneurship Group whose husband abandoned her and her children. In order to survive she started working as a maid and would earn about 100 Rupees a day (approx. $1.50 USD). She had a strong desire to earn more and stand on her two feet, so when she heard about what Rescue Pink was offering she quickly jumped on board. She attended every single class without fail, did her homework and received her loan. She started a business selling jewelry in the villages (where it’s not accessible).

Now instead of earning 100 Rupees a day, she has gone to selling around 500 Rupees worth of jewelry a day! Did you hear us? FROM ONE HUNDRED TO FIVE HUNDRED!!! That’s an incredible monthly increase in her salary. We are so proud of her!

This is the kind of work that happens in our centers. The little girl in this family was at extreme risk, and now, because of you, we’ve empowered this mama to take care of her family. We want to offer this type of life-change to so many more. In order to do that we are trying to raise funds to open up two more centers to do this same kind of work. All we are asking is for 1,000 people to give $5 a month. JUST 5 DOLLARS. It’s so worth it. Please go to ASAP and get details and sign up there – we need you to help tell more stories like this! (currently we are at 60 people giving, will you be one of the 940 more that can be a part of changing lives and rescuing girls in India??)

Sherry Naron