Supplemental Nutrition for Pregnant Moms & Lactating Women

Part of Rescue Pink’s strategy as we have interacted with women in the villages, has been to gather information and eventually gain trust. During these interactions we have found women with baby girls who are severely malnourished and underweight. They are malnourished because of son preference, financial constraints, and some just because a lack of knowledge. We have also found women who are pregnant and come from difficult family background where they already have 2-3 girls and under severe family pressure to have boy.

These women and their baby girls are severely at risk for infanticide.

But Rescue Pink wants to make sure these girls are rescued. In order to do that we have to build trust among these women. Part of that is being there for them, being a safe haven where they can talk. Sangeetha, our director at the center in Medak, is a champion for them.

We are providing nutritional education, supplemental nutrition, health checkups and weight monitoring for them to make sure they stay healthy and strong.

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Sherry Naron