Thank You for a Great 2015!

Thank You for a Great 2015!



It's been a fantastic 2015, and it's all because of you! Thank you for helping us open our first rural center while we wait on government approval of our home in Hyderabad. Our center is thriving, full of little girls every afternoon while we make sure they are watched after, doing well in school, getting supplemental nutrition and free immunizations. It might not look like it because of their happy smiles, but these girls are very much at risk, and the work you are enabling us to do is simply rescue. These little lives will be forever changed because of you.

Our center is also full of women every week who have been empowered and given a chance. The women have been hand selected as ones who are most at risk. They are either pregnant now or have very small girls who are severely at risk. These women know we are a place they can leave their girl as an alternative to infanticide, but they've chosen what we feel is a better alternative in joining us for our business training and micro-loan process. Now she has a chance to learn how to start and operate her very own business that will help provide for her girl. It's mandatory that each woman deposits money into an account under their little girl's name for her higher education and dowry. No longer will these girls suffer from death at birth, or a slow death in life, or child-marriages or abuse. Instead they will be watched after in our after school program, offered a higher education, and able to go into a good marriage at an appropriate age because she has an appropriate dowry. {Check out the video above of our work from our center made by the visiting World Race team.}

Our staff on the ground with the clinic monitors every woman in every surrounding village {34 villages}. They know who is expecting, they know their family situation and they've become a friend and advocate for these women. We love the work they are doing in the local community and we know it will have a profound long-term affect on this area.

We still have volunteers going into the government home in Hyderabad three times a week, making sure the most vulnerable babies are being well taken care of, but our dream is to get our home open in Hyderabad where we can take these abandoned baby girls into our care to ensure they survive. We still have the money set aside for this the moment the government gives us that approval, we are hopeful this will happen early this year. Thank you for helping us raise that funding in 2014 and for helping us raise the Rural Center funding this past year in 2015.

Our dream is to open many more rural clinics so we can partner with women and girls in more and more places. It costs around $20,000 to open and operate one of these a year. We have a dream of opening at least two more this coming year, plus the operating costs of our current clinic and home {if we open early this year}. It's a big goal, but we believe it can happen.

If you would like to help us kick-start this goal we'd love to have you on board with us again! Each gift is tax deductible, and if you donate before midnight tonight it can be applied towards your taxes for this past year. Just click here to give. Either way, thank you for the bottom of our hearts. If you are reading this letter it's because you've supported us one way or another in this journey and all that has happened is because you were a part of this journey with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!

Sincerely, Sherry Naron Founder, Rescue Pink

Sherry Naron