The Human Knot


Everyone was all smiles this week at our women’s business classes!


Part of the requirement is attendance at every meeting – this attendance log is looking good!


This week’s homework was to get prepared to present their small business ideas to the class. Each woman came with their ideas, their budget, and their savings and investment amounts after researching what it would take to get started. Vegetable vending, Saree making, Tailoring, and a Grocery Stand were just a few ideas presented that day.


During the class the ladies played a game of “human knot.” This is where all the women join in by crossing their hands and grabbing the hands of different people…and then working together to “untie” their hands without letting go of each others hands. It takes lots of teamwork and communication with each other and problem solving to end up being one big circle together holding hands. This was an example of how to use teamwork, and to support one another in their dreams and businesses, in order for everyone to be successful together.


This photo with the lady presenting her small business idea while holding her little girl depicts what this is all about. Because of your giving, Rescue Pink will be able to give this lady the skills she needs to start her own business and help support her little girl. She has no idea that what she is doing in this very moment will be life changing for the little girl in her arms. A percentage of her mama’s loan will go into a bank account for her dowry and higher education, and a percentage of her profit from her future business will continue to go in there. Higher education for girls changes the whole trajectory of poverty, and helping eradicate poverty stops infanticide. Thank you for being a part of this with us!

Sherry Naron