This is Rehana

This is Rehana. Her family was barely surviving - taking care of her daughters was nearly impossible and the girls in this family were very vulnerable. Shortly after we launched our first center she connected with Rescue Pink and went through our very first round of entrepreneurship training and you guys sponsored a loan for her.

With that loan she bought her own sewing machine and over the next year she more than doubled her household income, re-paid the loan back at 100% plus interest, is providing for the survival of her family, and saving for her daughters.

This process provided those things for her, but it has also provided her community - and an army of women friends (her entrepreneur training class) who now support and encourage her and give her the courage to stand up against intense daily abuse in her family. She is no longer alone.

She has hope now, and hope is the best thing you can give someone - YOU gave that to her.

So what has Rehana done with hope? This is where the story gets even better!

First, Rehana re-joined the second round of entrepreneurship training with us so we could re-invest in her to expand her business. When she came back to the training she brought 5 women with her who she thought needed the same hope. These women's lives also will now be changed.

With Rehana's business she decided to expand to not only sewing, but to teach others to sew. So she sews on her machine several hours a day and then in the back of her house she's invited 5 women to come train for a fee. So she's helping empower more women, making more money, and expanding her sewing business. (She learned this entrepreneurial mindset through the training offered her)!

So as of now, she just completed her second round of training and received her second loan and she's purchasing a second sewing machine so she can expand her classes, make more money for her family, and empower more women.

We are overwhelmed with Rehana's story! You might think a $150 loan can't change very much, but in a year and a half it's changed Rehana's life, the life of her daughters, the 5 women she's teaching sewing to, the 5 friends she encouraged to come to the training, and soon the additional women who she will train to sew. And who knows how many more she will influence over time.

What a return on your investment!! We hope you are proud! Thank you so much for believing in her and for trusting Rescue Pink with your money! There are so many other stories like Rehana whose lives are changed because of you. We are filled with gratitude and we love you so much because of it!

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Sherry Naron