We are seeing big improvements in just one month!


So we had the second month of nutrition distribution to our pregnant and lactating mothers yesterday. (This is similar to WIC here in the US). We not only provide nutrition at these meetings, but it also helps us start to build trust with these mamas, and is also a time for them to understand the various aspects of child growth.

We showed the ladies a video explaining child development in the womb from the time of conception until birth. The mothers were so surprised as they had no clue about it. They were also reminded about the importance of eating the right foods as it’s the only nutrition the child receives when she is in the womb and after birth when lactating.

Just after one month of the mamas eating well we are seeing significant difference in the baby girls – they are going to have the best chance to grow up to be healthy and strong. The mamas are learning that it’s important to take care of their girls, that their lives are valued just as much as their sons and that we are there as an advocate for them!

Sherry Naron