We find that many in India have become desensitized to the long-term effects of the decisions they make today; how the shortage of girls is making a profound impact on its culture already, and will continue to worsen in the future. We are already seeing extreme violence against women in India that stems from centuries of a disregard for its women. Through the use of social media, video and other means, we work hard to bring these issues to light. 

We work to create awareness at the village level, as we find that many families in rural areas have no idea what government programs are available to them and how to access them. These programs are meant to create hope, but most villagers have no idea they exist. We teach young people the ways they can bring about change in the ways girls are valued in India. We warn families of how traffickers work, by coming to rural villages promising a better life for their girls, while they end up being used for slave labor or sex trafficking

We teach girls how to overcome discrimination, and how to be more confident and dream big. We teach them of the various forms of abuses and how to fight back, not be silent, and raise their voices against such violence. 

Awareness alone doesn’t solve an issue, but awareness is the start that’s needed to create change.
We will continue to sound the battle cry and fight hard against these injustices.