A Note From the Founder

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I’ve spent a lot of time traveling overseas, but nothing captured my heart as much as India. The more time I spent there, the more I learned about the byproduct of its suppression of its women. With over 60 million missing girls and extreme violence against its women, the researcher in me wanted to know what was at the core of all these issues.

Why were babies killed just because they were girls, why was sex trafficking and slavery the highest in India than anywhere on earth. Why were little girls getting married at 7,8,9 years old? 

The issues are extremely complex, and I could talk with you for days about what I found, but the very core of it is that many in India do not value their girls. The root of this stems from extreme poverty and an age-old practice of dowry that is deeply ingrained in its culture. 

The justice fighter in my spirit wanted to do something about it, but all of its complexities were completely overwhelming. The massiveness rendered me helpless. But the thing that changed me was working in an orphanage in the hills of East India where I came face to face with a tiny baby girl, 7 days old, that had been rescued by my friend. 

He found that this particular community were paying the midwives $8 dollars to kill baby girls at birth when they were delivered. He worked with the midwives paying them $80 dollars to secretly bring the girls to him instead of disposing of them. 

I held this tiny baby girl in my arms and all the numbers and complexities went away. I knew I couldn’t rescue every girl, but this one mattered, and she’s looking me in the face right now asking me to help. 

Long story short, I decided to help, and I started Rescue Pink. Please take a moment and look over this site and see the work we do – it truly is special. I’d like to ask you to help too because it’s going to take all of us together to create systemic change - and everyone needs a seat at the table. Here are a few ways:

  • Spreading the word about us is huge. We are growing at a rapid pace and we still have a lot of work to do. The more people who know about us, then the more people have a heart to give. 
  • We could also use some corporate sponsorships, so people willing to go to bat for us in their companies would be amazing. 
  • Following us on our social media pages will also keep us in front of you as a reminder (links are below).
  • Another thing is to just give. Regularly, monthly committed donors are ideal because it’s money that we can count on and plan for. We’ve had astronomical growth, but there is still so much we can do. Even if we just had 65 people give $25 a month then they would sponsor a whole new center. Most of us don’t think we have a lot of disposable income, but when you look at your checkbook it’s easier to find $25 than you think, it just takes an effort to do it. Then you get to be a part of something amazing on the other side of the world – and that tastes a whole lot better than a cup of coffee!

Thank you for reading, join us in the fight!

Sherry Naron
Founder, Rescue Pink