Rescue Pink has a home base in Houston, Texas. We are always looking for local volunteers to help us with fundraising, awareness campaigns, and events. We need people to share our work with others, because the more people who know about us, the more people will join us in the fight. We are looking for more corporate sponsorships, so an amazing way to help is for you to go to bat for us with your company. We love to have crafters and small businesses donate in-kind items to us for our auctions, and we are always ready to sit down with you and figure out a way to use your talents and skills to help Rescue Pink. If you are interested make sure to contact us right away!

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We take teams to visit India two times a year, usually mid-March and over Thanksgiving week. We spend 10 days visiting two of our centers. Our trips are mostly relational, playing with the girls and listening to our mother’s stories, and encouraging them. We usually go out into the villages and visit several of our women entrepreneurs in their homes to show our support and love. Typically, our trips cost around $3,500-3,800 USD, with that amount fluctuating according to airfare. This includes everything but passports and travel immunizations. Contact us If you are interested or have any questions. 


This fall Joanna Sorensen will join us for a 4 month internship, writing curriculum for a year-long English as a Second Language Course and training our coordinators to teach our girls. Learning English will be life-changing for our girls, and give them great opportunities for higher-education and good jobs to change the trajectory of their lives, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. We will also be using this curriculum to teach women in communities for a fee to bring money back into our centers to help them become more self-sustainable, all while still empowering even more women to be able to take care of their families. Joanna will work between Hyderabad and our 4 centers that are operating in rural villages throughout South India. Joanna served one month with us previously at our M-Center while on The World Race, and we are so excited to have her back.

Joanna has raised all the funding needed for her internship, please consider donating to Shannon (just below). 

This fall Shannon Roediger will join us for a 3 month internship. She will be working with our afterschool program interacting closely with the girls at all 4 of our centers. She will also work with our staff doing home visits: gathering information, following up with our women entrepreneurs, building relationships, and helping build awareness of Rescue Pink's work. She will also be working on story-telling for our social media and giving updates for our donors. 

Shannon worked with us for one month at our O-Center previously while on the World Race and fell in love with our girls. We are so excited to have her back. 

Shannon is currently raising her support. If you would like to give a tax deductible gift towards her internship, please click the donate button below. All donations are tax deductible. 

Jordyn Cowan will be interning with us here in Houston (in conjunction with her degree program at Texas A&M University) this Summer/Fall. We are excited about teaching her the ropes in nonprofit management, fundraising, and event planning. We are super excited about all the help she will bring to us here on the home front. She has been passionate about Rescue Pink for years and now we get to use that passion for so much good! Her internship is unpaid, but she is planning on traveling with us in November to India to see the work up close. 

Jordyn has raised all her funding needed for her trip to India this fall.

Do you have a heart for India and want to help empower women and rescue girls who are at risk of infanticide, sold into slavery and trafficking? Do you have career experience or skills you’d like to volunteer to help fulfill our mission in India?

If so, then we need you!

We are looking for volunteers over the age of 21 who are wanting to join us either at our home base in Houston or in India in various roles and internships. Please contact us for more info if you are interested!